AI marketing can drive customer loyalty to brands, finds survey

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AI marketing is needed; a survey reveals that poorly targeted marketing material is causing irreparable, long-term damage to thousands of brand-customer relationships.

AI marketing can drive customer loyalty to brands, finds survey image

A new survey has found that 41% of consumers will shun brands that send irrelevant messages and offers. AI marketing may be the answer, however, as the survey also finds that 47% state they are happy for intelligent technology to improve the offers they receive.

The survey was carried out by AI marketing outfit Emarsys, which questioned 2000 UK consumers.

A mere 6% of consumers believe the product and service offers they receive are specifically relevant to them.

The survey also found that:

  • 41% swear they won’t purchase from a brand again if they receive haphazard marketing materials;

  • Over 60% demand that offers they receive be tailored to them and their interests precisely;

  • 66% admitted they would ignore all future marketing from a brand if it sent them hit-or-miss offers.

It is not all bad; opportunity lurks too. The survey also found:

  • 57% admitted they would be more likely to repeat purchase if they received more loyalty-based discounts from a retailer;

  • 41% would be more likely to buy from a brand again if they received bespoke offers which were truly personalised and unique to them.

Emarsys says that: “The problem that most brands encounter though is that human-driven personalisation just doesn’t scale — Segmentation and personalisation designed and executed by marketers doesn’t provide the level of individualisation, at volume, that consumers demand.”

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